Monday, September 30, 2013

Rock n Roll Half marathon

Amazing.  I still can't stop smiling 24 hours later.  This was such a great event through a great city and the crew for Rock n Roll marathon series was awesome!!  I absolutely loved the route, it was beautiful running through the city, but then also scenic taking us pretty far out to run along the water at points.  It was somewhat hilly but not unbearable.  I feel like once you run the NB half AND have done two Tough Mudders, you can run do anything ;) haha

I kiced my PR's butt and shaved 14 minutes off of my previous half-marathon time.  I averaged just over 11 minute/miles which I thought was unattainable!  Most importantly, I NEVER STOPPED TO WALK!!!  There are not enough exclamation points that would fit on the page to express my excitement for this accomplishment.

It was tough but soooo worth it. Couldn't be more thankful for my wonderful support team including my parents, Stephie and Randy for making the trip in the wee hours this morning to cheer me on :) I am so grateful.  

I also have the best family and friends a girl could ask for, with constant words of support and encouragement throughout this weekend and my entire training for that matter.  I am so blessed to be surrounded with the most amazing people :)

Unfortunately I am not the kind of runner that can multi-task so I don't have any pictures along the route.  I do have some great before and after shots though, and a few my sister took of me at mile 12.5... the bitter end!!

Overall I had a wonderful experience and I cannot wait until my next race!  And it is safe to say that I will be participating in this event for as long as it is hosted in the area!  Who knows, maybe soon I can travel to one!

Three weeks!

OK, so I have totally slacked on the Sit in September challenge.  With all the running I have been doing, and the slight bit of knee pain I have been struggling with I decided not to strain too badly.  With three weeks to go, I am feeling great about this race, especially with my recent 10K time!

9/8/13 -

Day after the 10K, feeling somewhat sore but still got a run in followed by a short walk with Randy :)  I have been fighting some tightness in the back of my knee for a while, and it has become more and more annoying. Hopefully it doesn't stick around too much longer

Really nice, cool night!  Forgot my inhaler at home so I had some troubles but luckily it was a beautiful night so I could fight it.  The pain in my knee, however, is becoming more and more intolerable.  Trying to work through it without pushing too hard, but I really don't want to mess anything up too badly.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Run to the Rock 10K

Saturday I ran my first 10K since I was a kid, when I would travel to Georgia every summer to run in the Peachtree road race every 4th of July!

This time, I was running to test myself for pace and distance for my upcoming half marathon in just three weeks!  And it was AWESOME!! It was a beautiful, cool morning in Plymouth with beautiful scenery and a home stretch that bordered the water.  It was so great, I even set a new PR :)

My official time was 1:07:25 with a pace of 10:52/mile.  It was only a few weeks ago that I was dreaming about the possibility of keeping an 11min/mile for the HM, but now I don't think it is that far off!

A HUGE thank you to my family for coming out :)  My mom, dad, grandmother, sister, sister's boyfriends and of course my very own hunnie were all there to cheer me on :)  It was great!!  They were standing ~1/4 mile from the finish line which was a HUGE push at the end for me!!

Official Race photo:  Looking like a goober as usual haha

September is here!!

4 weeks to go until Providence Rock n Roll HM! Training is going well, I cannot wait for this damn humidity to get lost!!

So because Active August was a huge success, I am now working on my September goals: hit 30 for 30 on my FuelBand point goals, complete the#sitinseptember challenge reaching 3:30 wall sit, and have an epic running streak, running at least 1.5 miles every day!!

Day 1:

Day 2:  

 Gym was closed... even though the website said it was open... womp womp woooomp :(  Struggled through a VERY humid run outside and had to do my wall sits against my car! haha I was still able to make it work though :)

Day 3:  

So I bit the bullet and joined a gym. I opted not to test my luck with the lighting storm this afternoon, and decided it was time. Who would have ever thought I preferred running outdoors?! I ran into my cousin there, who is working towards being a person trainer so anyone in the area that goes to WOW give him a shout (Andy Dupras) 😊 he even completed my wall sits (yes plural) with me!!

Day 4:

A very lite run in the morning, just to keep my legs stretched :)

Day 5:
Don't mind me and my negative splits. Last longer run before my race on Saturday!! So excited for my new Shwings that came in!! Fly like the wind :) I completed my SitInSeptember wall sits in lab today between incubation times haha

Day 6:
I was not able to get a run in this day, a double shift it the restaurant had me running around all day though!  KILLED my points for the day :)

Day 7: RACE DAY!  See Run to the Rock 10K

Monday, September 2, 2013

5 weeks to go!

Day 25 - Juice

LOVE POM pomegranate juice. Definitely my fav!! I raced the moon tonight and I think I won ;)  I am excited for my PR, especially considering the 10K I am doing in just under 2 weeks!  I am ready to really start focusing on distance now that I am confidant in my pace.  Hoping to add 1.5-2 miles to my long runs every week from here on out.  I should be much farther along by now, but I feel the best I have ever felt while training, so I hope it is a good sign!

Day 26 - Squats

A very lite leg workout after my 10k yesterday. Feeling good!!  Thanks Nicole for the set :)

 Day 27 - Fitness memes
I could post these all day long :)  I love them all from serious and motivational to the silly ones.

Day 28 & 29 - Leg day and Yoga pose

 A fellow challenge group member said it best: every day is leg day for runners... "Speed" run followed by some yoga stretches before work

Day 30 & 31: "Selfie" and achievements
My selfie on Saturday totally cheesing for my friend Cleide's wedding!  As for my achievements: My Fuel points were through the roof in August! I missed my goal of 31 by one day!! But still had an amazing month. I didn't make quite as much of a debt in my miles as I would have liked but it was BY FAR the most miles I have ever run in a month. September it will happen!! I was really excited to participate in this challenge group by IG fitness gurus @slambooy and @lashreds this month, it pushed me really hard every day. I highly recommend looking into joining a challenge for anyone looking to push their fitness goals!!