Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rock n Roll Half marathon training plan

I am SO ready to kick my PR in the butt for this half marathon in September!  My ultimate goal is to run sub 10 min/miles but I know that that won't work for this race.  My last was at a pace of 12:30min/mile, so anything under 12 min/miles will be amazing.

I found this training plan online, and I love it!  I have modified it based on my own schedule and what I will be able to accomplish but there is no doubt that I will be working hard!  The schedule calls for 5 days/week but I am going to push for 6.  4 days running plus 2 days of other activity (Zumba, yoga, rollerblading with Randy, or a P90X workout at home, etc.)  The plan is 8 weeks but on Monday when I began I had 11 weeks remaining so I extended week 7 into 4 weeks.  I am really excited about this one!!

Week 1:

Day 1 - 2:1:2  Means walk 2 miles, run 1 mile, walk 2 miles = 5 miles total
   I modified a bit like so - 0.8 walk, 2.0 run, 1.4 walk = 4.2 miles, total time 1:00:25 = 14'26"/mile

Day 2 - Zumba!!  Always a blast :)  My sister convinced me to wear my hand-weights the entire class, and man I felt it at the end!

Day 3 - Slept late + heat wave here in MA = no outside running for this kid.  Indoor workout this afternoon!