Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to 2013 :)

For the new year, I am officially putting some of my goals in print.  My Nike+ FuelBand has me reaching goals already, but I have big plans :)  Check back for more goals, and updates on how I'm doing ;)

12 weeks - Holidays and illness

Have been terrible this week, no running.  Christmas early this week, no excuse but I just didn't made time and now I'm sick.  Good news is, my dad bought a new treadmill, so I truly have no reason not to run almost every day!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nike+ FuelBand Nation!

I am SO excited to announce that I am the newest member of FuelBand nation thanks to my wonderful parents :)  Unfortunately I've been sick and not up for any real activity, but as soon as I am able I am so excited to start racking up fuel and reaching my goals!  Less than 12 weeks until the half marathon... Time to get my booty really moving!

S/N:  Island_Life8

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

14 weeks...

12/9/12 - 4 miles, 45 minutes; 0.5miles, cool down. {Day after Santa 5k, feeling a bit sore, pretty cold morning also}

12/10/12 - rest day

12/11/12 - 3.5 miles, 37 minutes

12/12/12 - rest day, worked at the restaurant tonight

Really slacked the rest of the week :(

Week totals: 8 miles

Saturday, December 8, 2012

15 weeks and counting

15 weeks to go!!

Sunday I was still recovering from my exhaustion, so I didn't push it

12/3/12 - No run, 60 minute high-cardio Zumba

12/4/12 - 4.5 miles, 60 minutes. {mile 3.7-4.2 @ incline of 6}

12/6/12 - 3.6 miles. 38 minutes

12/8/12 - 3.1 miles, 36 minutes - Santa Sightings 5K

Week total: 11.2 miles, 1 hour Zumba

Santa Sighting 5K

The Sighting 5K

SO excited to participate in this race!!  It was a rainy Massachusetts morning, but a mild 54°

There were a lot more up-hills than I was prepared for, but overall it was still a great run and the Christmas spirit kept us all going strong!  We even enjoyed an after-race meal and cocktails at a local Mexican favorite spot!!!  Definitely a new tradition for my friends and I :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

16 weeks to go!

16 weeks to the half marathon. Not exactly on track :/ I'll be keeping a record of every day that I run each week, distance and time

11/26/12 - 3 miles, 36 minutes

11/27/12 - 3 miles, 38 minutes

Week total: 6 miles

Cue the flu.... Pretty annoyed...