Monday, August 26, 2013

6 weeks!

6 weeks remain until the half marathon!  I have decided to sign up for a 10K in 3 weeks, I think it will be a really good race practice considering I haven't participated in one since March!!

Active August update:

Day 21:

 OK so I have been slacking big time!! My fun filled couple of days have put me a bit behind. So here is day 18 (protein) and day 20 (apparel). Eggs are absolutely one of my favorite proteins!! And these Champion Vapor shirts are some of my awesome new swag from the outlets this past weekend!! Tomorrow I will have the other posts that I missed! Ran tonight for the first time in a few days and I have this lingering pain in the back of my knee that just won't quit! Back at it tomorrow :)

On a way way way awesome note, I hit 1 MILLION Fuel points today :)  Pretty rev'd up for that!!

Day 22, 23, 24 - Handstand, Something new, Stretch

Ok back on track! Did my handstand in the lab that morning goofing off! My something new was running with my friend Mel this morning :) I usually run alone so it was really nice to have a buddy today!! A nice easy 3 miles, long run coming tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?? Stretching is something I definitely don't do enough of, so this was a great end to my run today!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 weeks to go, my birthday and halfway point of Active August!

Day 11: Smoothie

This smoothie is one of my favorites right now.  Pretty much anything that I can add this tropical fruit mix into is amazing.  Pineapple, papaya, kiwi, mango and red papaya.  Today I added a handful of fresh blueberries and a scoop of vanilla protein powder and it was delicious!!  But enough about the smoothie!!  I can't help but gloat about runs today!!  Yes that is plural.  I was short on time this morning but felt guilty about not getting at least a short run in, so I pushed hard for 2 miles and it payed off!  Then in the evening I set out to finally run 5 miles in 1 hour flat and I crushed it.  55 minutes, I couldn't even believe it.  It definitely puts into sight my goal for 11 minute/miles for the HM.  But I may be getting ahead of myself haha  Either way, I felt great and I could have gone farther but I didn't want to kill the rest of my week by pushing a bit too far trying to be a show off.

Also, my nifty (yes, nifty) new running belt came in on Friday and I used it today for the first time.  Pretty excited :)  I was able to carry some GU's with me as well and my inhaler worry free!

Day 12: Burpees

OK, so I didn't do any burpees today.  I did however run the 2.7miles to Zumba then hobble my way through the 1 hour class! :) Plus I got to play with my friend's new puppy yesterday and you just can't have a bad day when you get to play with a puppy :)

 Day 13: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!  oh ya, and Run
It's my birthday and I'll walk if I want to! Tough run with high humidity and super sore legs, so I ended up walking the majority of the last mile. Vanilla blueberry smoothie for breakfast and a glitter mani has me feeling great though. Wonderful presents from my hunnie including a Bruins Alex & Ani, a new anchor wallet and tickets to the John Meyer show this Sunday in New Hampshire!!!! Hooray for birthdays!!! :)

Randy, Stephie and Kate came with me to Sky Zone in East Providence in the afternoon and it was SO much fun!  Felt like a kid again in the backyard on the trampoline!  I definitely wish it were closer, I would go all the time!!

Feeling youthful, doing some back-tucks and other gymnastics skills that I haven't done in about 5 years!  Felt great, but definitely sore!! haha

Even Nike knew it was my birthday :)

Day 14 - Outside

Legs were shot today so no run, but Randy and I took a nice fast-walk around the pond before dinner :) Autumn is right around the corner here and the cool mornings and evening are AMAZING. Turkey burgers with fresh veggies and corn on the cob for dinner :)

Day 15 - Planks

I. Despise. Planks. I know I should do them more, but I just don't like them! Trying though! Slow run this morning, legs are still pretty sore. My cat Fenway supervised from the window while I stretched and warmed up!!

Day 16 - Shoes
I have been living in my running sneakers lately!! While I really enjoy my Nike Fuel equipment, I LOVE my Adidas running kicks. They fit me like a glove and ever since I made the switch a few years ago it has made the biggest difference in my runs! Today though I've opted for a navy and white stripped boat shoe :)

Day 17 - Swolemate
Going to get a bit mushy on you...Randy is many, many things including my walking buddy, personal photographer, pep-talk-giver and even the kick in the butt to get out the door when I need it!! He supports and motivates me every day with his own fitness, inspiring me to push further! On another note: struggled through a run this morning and didn't quite, resulting in negative splits :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

8 weeks!

8 weeks remaining until the race.  #ActiveAugust is going great, I enjoy having a task to complete each day, as well as know that I have a solid short term goal ahead of me!

Day 4:  Cheat meal

This "cheat meal" was more like a cheat day!  Being from Massachusetts I am pretty sure it is in my DNA to crave fresh seafood.  This lobster roll was DELICIOUS.  Then there was chocolate cake for my little brother's birthday!!  I did manage to run 2.5 miles in the afternoon, but my legs were like lead sinkers.  Total pain the whole way.  Oh well, better than nothing!

Day 5: Motivation
 These are a few of my favorite motivational quotes.  Even the slowest progress is progress, even the slowest mile is a mile!  Also, my Fuel Band rocks and it keeps me super motivated to move more every day!  My motivations are not purely fitness based though, school is always on my mind and finishing my masters degree is a goal that I am VERY proud of!!!

This afternoon I took a walk with Francisco to the coffee shop near campus to shake off the chill from our way-too-cold new lab space!  3 miles round trip!! I was running low on Fuel Points later in the evening from a day of doing nothing but sitting at the computer, so Randy went around the block with me a few times after dinner so I could make sure that I kept my points streak alive!! :)  Had the sweetest corn-on-the-cob for a snack, Fenway wanted some, I was a bit afraid.

Day 6: Favorite gym equipment

Well, considering I don't go to the gym, my list of choices is pretty short.  But I love working out from home and my running sneakers are my best pals right now!  I absolutely love my weighted gloves, they make Zumba even more of a challenge than it already is, highly recommend them!  The pull-up bar and I are not friends, but I am trying really hard to come around.  I promised myself I would start putting some focus into my upper-body and get the shoulders I really want, but I just despise that thing! haha

Day 7:  Cardio

One of these days I will finally be a morning person and run before it hits 70F in the afternoon.  Until then I will struggle through afternoon runs between jobs!  I am really happy with my run today, however short it was :)  I still had really good time, with the assistance of Pitbull haha

Day 8:  Clean Recipe

Zesty Lime Shrimp with couscous.  This is one of Randy's favorite meals that I make and it couldn't be any simpler.  
Shrimp salad:
  • 1 lb jumbo shrimp
  • 1 medium tomato, diced
  • 1 hass avocado, diced
  • 1/4 cup chopped red onion
  • 2 limes, juice of
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp chopped cilantro
  • salt and fresh pepper to taste
  • hot sauce of choice to taste
1. Cook the shrimp (steamed, sauteed, however you choose)  
    I prefer to cook mine in an aluminum packet in the oven with lime juice, olive oil and a bit of hot sauce
2. In a small bowl combine red onion, lime juice, olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper. Let them marinate at least 5 minutes to mellow the flavor of the onion.
3. In a large bowl combine chopped shrimp, avocado, tomato. Combine all the ingredients together, add cilantro and gently toss. Adjust salt and pepper to taste.

While this is getting ready I prepare the couscous, adding just a dash of olive oil to make sure it doesn't get too sticky!

Day 9: Gallon of H2O

Holy moly!!  This was a lot harder than I thought, and I drink a lot of water throughout the day!  I think I kept on pace and accomplished a full gallon.  Had girl's night with Jill and Amy this night, so I knew I had to keep up the water intake all day to combat the fun that evening! :)  I also got a wonderful haircut by Miss Nadia in the morning, nothing but complements all weekend :)

Day 10:  Tunes

These are just a few selections from my VERY eclectic running playlist.  There is a little bit of everything in there, and I swear every time I feel like I need a change of pace, the genre will change and it will be exactly what I needed!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Check out Randy Lee music!

Hey everyone, this has nothing to do with help or fitness, but it is something very personal and important to me!  My boyfriend Randy is an aspiring musician who often competes in online contests.  I am posting a link to his most recent entry, if you could go by and take a look, I would really appreciate it!!  See it HERE

Also, here is a link to his music page on Facebook, if you can go by and "Like" it :)


Monday, August 5, 2013

9 weeks to go

With only 9 weeks remaining until the Rock N Roll Providence half marathon, I am slightly behind where I would like to be in my training.  So I have decided to join a challenge group!  I am sure most of you are on InstaGram, and if you want, you can follow me at: Island_Life8.  On here, I follow many different fitness and inspiration feeds that help keep me motivated.  One of them is the guy who runs  He is AWESOME.  Each month he has been posting a different challenge and encourages people to try it out with him!  So this month is Active August.

Because I am in the full swing of training for the half-marathon, I will be keeping up with this challenge group as well as sticking to my training schedule.  Each day I will post here my IG photo that corresponds with that day's challenge.  Really excited for this :)

August 1: Goal
My goal this month is to reach my target Nike Fuel Points every day, to run 100 miles total and to get my single mile time under 9 minutes.  Super ambitious but I have got to challenge myself if I am going to run the half marathon with sub 11min/mile time!!'

August 2: Flex Friday

I've always been self-conscious about my big cheerleader calves, but I am learning to love them!  Unfortunately my shoulder flex leaves a lot of room for improvement, but I am working on it!!  I will say that I am REALLY happy with my 5 mile run!  Just over 12 minute/miles.

Day 3: Favorite Ab Exercise
OK, so I am not sure what kind of crazy person has a favorite ab exercise, but here is one that I have been using since my cheering years: hollow rocks.  All the gymnasts out there know what I am talking about!  Nothing fancy, but MAN do they work when you do them correctly!  I did a jog/run combo, stopping every 1/2 mile to do 10 push-ups!  OUCH