Monday, January 21, 2013


Here we go!  9 weeks left, really on track now!

01/13/13 - Day 12 burpees, 10K on the treadmill.  It was a REALLY slow 10K, even for me! With good reason though!  The treadmill at my parents house gets used by all, but it is new, so I am still getting used to the settings.  Apparently, it does not reset between uses, and my first 1.5 miles was run at an incline of 6!! Made me feel better, because I was REALLY depressed that I was struggling so badly, so early in.  Once I leveled off it was great!  I finished strong, and really only stopped because it was my longest run to date and didn't want to push TOO much.  I still need to walk on Monday haha  Plus this week I am handing in my thesis proposal ::GULP:: so that means a significant decrease in sleep over the next few days! haha

01/14/13 - 60 minute Zumba class, day 13 burpees

01/15/13 - Rest day, very tired.  1.25 mile run on treadmill, day 14 burpees, 50 sit-ups

01/16/13 - 60 minute Zumba class, 1.25 mile run on treadmill, day 15 burpees, 15 sit-ups ( I have decided to add sit-ups to my burpees, so every day I will be adding 1 sit-up; I think I may modify the traditional crunch a bit - possibly hold light hand weights and make a full swing motion over my head for each crunch... We'll see.  If I do, I will take pictures of the motion so you know what I mean)

The rest of the week was a bust, need to get my time management under control so I can still workout even though I am neck-deep in thesis writing!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Uh oh... 10 weeks left!

Crunch time people!!  So here I am 10 weeks from race day and I do not feel much more prepared than I did 3 months ago... woops!

1/6/13 - 2.25 miles on treadmill, day 5 burpee challenge; late night 15 minute blast cardio (50 jumping jacks, 30 seconds high knees, 30 seconds rapid butt kicks for 4 rotations) - I was about 400 Fuel points away from my goal at 10:30 tonight, so I did this high paced cardio workout, and finished the day strong

1/7/13 - Day 6 Burpee challenge, 60 minute Zumba class with my new glove weights!  WOW - I have been going to Zumba 1-2 times per week for over a year now and MAN that was tough.  I didn't think that it would make as rastic of a difference as it did.  I was EXHAUSTED!! So excited to keep moving towards my sculpted shoulders goal :)

1/8/13 - Day 7 burpee challenge, Feeling sore and sluggish today, didn't run like I wanted to.. got sucked into Friends re-runs haha!  I did a late night cardio blast for about 20 minutes at around 10:30 when I realized I wasn't going to hit my points goal for the day.  And I was so glad I did!

1/9/13 - Day 8 burpee challenge, 60 minute Zumba class with weight gloves - Also had a NikeFuel Best Wednesday :)

1/10/13 - Day 9 Burpee Challenge, 40 minutes on treadmill doing the: Infinite Infinitesimal Interval Increases (The Four I's Workout) - Short intervals increasing speed with each repetition
HOW TO:  Starting at a pace that's barely distressing (perhaps 30 seconds slower than marathon pace), run 1 minute then back off to a recovery pace for 30 seconds. On the next interval, move the speed up 0.1 miles per hour. Continue increasing the speed each interval (while maintaining the same rest period) until you're running close to your 5K pace. Once you've hit a speed that you can no longer sustain on 30 seconds recovery, your workout is over.

1/12/13 - Worked at the restaurant.  Walked a total of 4.65 miles that day; it was a pretty slow night, so not bad, all things considered!

Monday, January 7, 2013

11 weeks to go

Through a strict regiment of Vitamin C drops, DayQuil, Mucinex, and green tea I have finally forced my cough into submission!!  I can FINALLY get back to training!  Not to sound like a baby but, for me, chest congestion is death.  Having asthma to the extent that I do means I have about 75% lung capacity function on a good day... add a cold and I'm working on fumes.  You wouldn't do that to your car would you?  When I workout while sick, I don't feel accomplished, I feel like garbage.  Granted, I don't like sitting on my laurels either, but getting better, faster is more of a priority for me.  But I'm back! :)

1/1/13 - 2 miles, treadmill +3 incline

1/2/13 - 60 minute cardio: Zumba, day 1 of burpee challenge

1/3/13 - day 2 burpee challenge

1/5/13 - day 4 burpee challenge, no cardio, but I worked at the restaurant and logged over 4 miles walking according to my FuelBand

2013 Total:  Cardio: 2 miles  FuelBand : 22.25 miles

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Burpee challenge

A friend recommended this challenge to me as a modification of a challenge that he is working on.  I will begin by doing 1 burpee on day 1, then adding 1 burpee every day until day 100.  At the end of 100 days I will have completed 5050 burpees!!  That's one way to help me get to my sculpted shoulders goal!

Depending on how hard-core you are, you may or may not be able to do push-ups in "lower position".  I would like to think that I can do the push-ups, but time will tell.

Also, if you miss a day, you need to complete the missed day, PLUS the current day.  If you miss two days in a row, you need to start over!

Burpee tutorial - Here is a video, just in case you aren't 100% sure of how to do them  (PS if I have arms like hers by the end, I won't complain!!)

Good luck!

1/2/13 - Day 1