Friday, February 24, 2012

Juice head

    So I have been a slacker supreme... This week at school and work has kicked my ass!  Getting to the lab at 6:30am does not bode well for a run at the end of the day.  Tomorrow is a new day!!  I have to really kick it into gear if I plan on not finishing dead last in 3 weeks haha

    Today I wanted to talk about sugars and more specifically sugars in fruit juices.  Ever turned that bottle of pomegranate juice over and wanted to cry?  I have!  The sugar content in fruit juices can be off the charts.  Even the ones with "no sugar added" can be scary.  For someone like me, I am not as concerned with caloric intake as I am with sugars and saturated fat.  Some will argue that natural sugars are different, and they are.  But either way.. it's still sugar!
    Now don't get me wrong, I love juice.  Most natural fruit juices are packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and even potassium.  What most people don't know though, is that over time as a result of being processed, a lot of store bought juices loose their nutrients over time, even before the "best if used by" date.  Also, fruit juices can be great, but they lack the natural fiber of whole fruits.

     Home juicing is something I considered at one time to replace store bought juices but then a realized... I have a life.  It's minimal these days, but still.  Juicing at home as an ENHANCEMENT to your diet is wonderful if you have the time.. not only to make the juice every morning, but also to be at the grocery store every 2 days for supplies.  However, I absolutely do not endorse juice-only based diets.  Juice fasts are not only bad for you, but they are extremely isolating and practically debilitating for the duration of the "fast".  Plus, they are NOT a way of life.  Living a healthy, constant lifestyle is far more gratifying and sustainable than any "30 day fast"
     So now what?!?  I recommend as many fresh, whole fruits and veggies as possible.  Obviously for those of us in the real world, going to the grocery 3 times per week is such a pain!  But it's worth it!  And look for no sugar added juices.  They are still packed with sugar, but they are natural fruit sugars.  Also, I know they are more expensive, but try to find juices that are actually juice!!  Labels that read "contains 10% juice" are like a bright, blinking, warning label.  That means that they are full of water and processed sugar to make they taste good.  Plus, if they are watered down, then the nutrients you are looking for aren't there!

     Side note:: For those of you that know me, my favorite part of this picture is the fact that there are NO bananas in it ;)

     Another benefit from eating whole fruits and veggies is the psychological concept of eating!! Haha  Sounds simple I know, but the time it takes to eat an apple is lifetimes compared to the time it takes to drink the same number of calories in an 8oz glass of juice!  Plus then you have eaten!  People are very attached to the concept of chewing, so drinking away half of the calories you take in every day leaves you with the misconception that you are hungry.  Not true!  Chewing is the key!
     Have a great Friday! Happy running :) xo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do it. Together.

Workout buddies are SO great! Whether you are going to an aerobics class, headed for a jog, or lifting free weights, having someone there with you can be incredible.
Today, Randy came with me to the UMass track and we did a combination of running/walking for 5 miles in just over an hour. I wore the wrong sneakers :( so my feet were pretty numb after mile 2. FOOTWEAR!! That will be tomorrows insight, but it is SO vital to the success of your workout. Either way I was happy and plan to go even farther tomorrow. I fell to the wretched weekend beer and wing monster again last night after going to a concert... Note to self, stop drinking!! Hope you all did better than I did! Haha
Until tomorrow, happy running :) xo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strength training


   Lovely cold and flu season, right on schedule.  I decided not to run last night, as I was feeling quite run down.  I assumed it was consequence of my 16 hour day on Tuesday, but not so much.  Woke up this morning feeling terrible.  I decided to over-medicate (slightly) and head to school anyways.  I am hoping my symptoms taper off as the day goes on, so just MAYBE I can attempt even a sort run this evening.
   But anyways, I wanted to talk today about strength training.  I've been contemplating cross-fit for some time now.  I know it is really expensive, and I am just not sure it's for me.  Has anyone tried it?  What do you think?
I am signed up for my second Tough Mudder this coming July and I know that I can do better in the strength department.  As a former cheerleader/gymnast I never thought I would say that.  I used to have upper body and core strength that even some guys envied... now, not so much.  That reminds me, I need to find a gym that has open workouts.  Anyways, let me know what you think!!
Happy running, and lifting! :) xo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


   Let's talk endurance.  About 6 months ago I found a product at GNC by USP labs called Modern BCAA.  Now my general rule of thumb is, anything at GNC is overpriced crap... but not this.  It is a supplement (yuck, I don't even like using that word) that is a composition of natural amino acids.  I'm not going to go nerd on you guys, but TRUST me.
   This product has helped me with increasing my run so much.  I run faster and for longer periods of time.  Next month for the half marathon I plan on pre-filling several bottles and giving them to friends and family that I know I will see along the course.
   I have only tried the White Blue Razz, but it mixes in clear and tastes like blue razz crystal light.  It's best COLDDDD.  As soon as it hits room temp, it gets a weird tinge.  So I definitely recommend a Blender Bottle to anyone who isn't leaving the house and going straight to the gym.  You can get them at GNC for like $10 and they are usually on sale.
I am in no way claiming to be an expert on the matter, but if you have any questions let me know!  If you are looking to increase your stamina and energy during your workout, this product is incredible for doing just that.
Happy running! :) xo

Monday, February 13, 2012


VERY productive day today :)
4 mile run this afternoon followed by Zumba class this evening makes me one tired lady.
I ran the 4 miles in 50 minutes, walking only 3 times for <90 seconds each time. I felt like I could have gone a fifth mile, but knowing I had Zumba tonight I wasn't trying to push it!
I'm feeling great though! Tomorrow is a rest day, way too much going on!! Happy running :) xo

Bloat Blues

UGH!  So I now remember why last year before the 1/2 marathon I gave up alcohol for the month leading up to the run... BAD WEEKEND HABITS!! I had a great week exercising and eating.. well better than normal haha but then Saturday night comes around and a night out with the girls turns into 2 slices of pizza at 2AM that I convinced myself I just COULD NOT live without.  And then there is the DD coffee and egg sandwich the next morning to try and combat my headache... not. good.  So here I am Monday morning and my mind is ready to go, pumped for a nice run.  My body however, does not share that enthusiasm.  Weekend bloat is something I have to do a better job of beating.  I make great progress all week and then a few glasses of Pinot later, I'm back where I started.
  MyFitnessPal is a great app that I have found is great for keeping me honest with myself about what I put into my body on a daily basis.  I'm not as concerned with the caloric intake as much as the saturated fat, sodium and sugar.  It's a great tracker for anyone looking for something to just keep yourself aware.  And, make sure you log EVERYTHING!! For the first two weeks, I tried to convince myself that Chippi's didn't count... unfortunately, not true haha!
   I hope everyone has a great Monday!! Happy running :) xo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

For Me

I found this photo this morning and I really wanted to share it.  Now don't get me wrong, I have every intention of looking good in a bikini, but I felt it was a good representation of how I feel about fitness, weight loss and body image   :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


ZUMBA!!  Tonight was Zumba night and as usual it was great!  The instructor Beth is amazing and she keeps everyone so engaged.  It's an incredible workout with the potential of burning 500-1000 calories per hour.  Tonight was pretty crowded, so movement was a bit more limited.  Still a GREAT workout though.  And now I can look forward to a weekend of singing the songs... haha
Run in the morning.

saw this picture on Pinterest... this really is how I feel some nights!!


Here goes nothin!!

Ok, so amidst all of the running, fitness, calorie tracking apps for smart phones available now a days I have decided to add another log on the fire and start an exercise blog. Thanks for taking the time to join me! I have started this blog in anticipation for the upcoming New Bedford half marathon I'll be participating in on March 18th. This will be a forum for my daily runs as well as any fitness tips I find helpful along the way! I would love feedback from you as well as anything you find works for you!! Thanks again for following and happy running! Xo