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Hello!    I'm Danielle, and I am an asthmatic.  I grew up a cheerleader and never really had to think about fitness with (6) 3-hour practices per week plus game and competition schedules.  Life after college left me in a bit of a rut.  In 2010 after just 5 short months of training and no previous running experience I completed my first half-marathon.  Though it was difficult, it left me with the most amazing sense of accomplishment.  Since then I have completed 6 half-marathons, 2 Tough Mudder races, and numerous 5k & 10ks including the annual Santa run!  I began running to get in shape, but I continued running because it is a challenge each and every time I lace up. 

My very first half marathon in 2011

Being a runner with asthma provides its fair share of obstacles.  I know that being the fastest on the course is not an option. I am admittedly one of the slowest runners in any race I compete in, but completing the course is the most important thing to me.  Determination to complete each race, which at times is a very difficult goal, is my only priority. As a graduate student in the Comparative Immunology lab at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, finding time for running wasn't always easy and now with a long commute to and from the city every day, it is even more difficult!  After long days in the research lab, it's hard to lace up my sneakers and get moving.  But every time I hit the pavement, I feel better.   

Proudly displaying my Tough Mudder headband in my lab at school!

  I stared this blog as a means of motivation for myself and others to push harder for things that you want in fitness, health and everything else in life.  I hope you find inspiration and get a good laugh at the same time, as I rarely take myself seriously.  Have fun with your workouts and happy running :)


As of January 2014, I became a health and fitness coach with BeachBody.  It began as a love for T25 and Shakeology and turned into a way for me to help others achieve their fitness goals! 

If you would like more information, visit the site HERE or send me an email and we can chat about it!


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