Friday, May 11, 2012

Post 10 day challenge

WOOPS!!  So this is a post that  forgot to upload from my days following the 10-day pledge!  I am going to load it now, with another update!

After 10 days of 'real food' I've lost a total of 6.5lbs. Crazy!! I expect to gain a little bit back, but I hope not because my school schedule is FINALLY going to calm down in the next week and I can exercise the way I want to. I have three weeks until Aruba and I have some Vicky Secret bikinis I need to do some justice in!! Haha

     Well I have done a pretty good job staying on track. My friend Katy and I spent an entire day shut in her apartment doing papers and presentation prep on Wednesday and Thursday so we had some time to make some pretty yummy food. A chicken and veggie stir fry with onion, green and orange peppers and bean sprouts. I found an organic, gluten free soy sauce... Holy crap it was expensive!! But if I intend to stay with 'real foods' for an extended period of time it wi be worth it.

  For dinner we made a margarita pizza with handmade whole wheat crust and organic tomatoes basil and mozzarella. One thing I am psyched for is the warm weather to come around and fresh herbs out of the garden. Because they aren't cheap!!! When I get time, I am going to make it a point to post actual recipes for everything I have made in the course of the challenge and after.

     Friday I met my mom for lunch and had chicken salad with raisins walnuts and craisins over a small bed of romain. It was at a cafe in town so I was able to confirm that everything was made fresh and really the only component that was 'off limits' was the mayo... Not too bad. And SUPER flavorful. I love salads with fruit and nuts. One of my favorite chicken salads I've ever had was at an Einsteins Bagels in Florida. I'm not sure they even have chains in the northeast. It was made with grapes, apples and walnuts. Amazing. And easily replicable at home, I just never think of it!! Maybe this week sometime. I was good the rest of the day having fruit and granola for snacks.

     Dinner time was another story.  I was really good during the 10 days avoiding tempting situations and saying no to the wrong things and in the end I was really satisfied with my decisions.  I felt like that Yoplait commercial about "swapertunity" haha Friday night was not a swapertunity kind of situation though.  I went to dinner for a friends birthday, and while waiting to leave for the restaurant I had quite a few corn tortilla chips.  They were "organic" but lets face it, they were chips.  I didn't dare look at the ingredients.  Strike one.
     The restaurant was really nice, a Chinese food place in Taunton.  I shared a scorpion bowl with Randy... which I am sure wasn't made with organic, no sugar added juices.  Strike two.  I shared an appetizer of steamed Peking ravioli... strike 3.  For the entree, I was good.  I had ordered off of the "light" menu which was steamed jumbo shrimp with a HUGE helping of veggies.  Unfortunately they didn't have brown rice, so I had a very minimal amount.  There was enough food that I didn't need the rice anyways.  It came with a ginger soy sauce that I didn't much care for so I used some duck sauce for flavor.
     Moral of the story?  Don't go out to restaurants.  I am not huge on self control, especially when it comes to Chinese food so I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't get anything fried, but still.  Not a success by any means.  When I am home, I can make as much food as I want and I know what is going into it and I feel good about it.  Also, I was a pretty bad stomach ache all night.. too much too fast.  My system was so conditioned to good food, the sugary juices and everything else did not go over well.
     I am pretty bummed that I let myself go overboard with "little cheats" that added up.  I am still continuing with "real food" until further notice and that was absolutely the last time I will do anything like that.

Until next time, happy running! :) xo