Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone!!
I have been SUCH a slacker :(  After my last "10 day pledge" I struggled with "end of the semester" craziness and then immediately left for vacation.  I had an AMAZING time in Aruba with wonderful company and came back rested.

The lat 2 weeks however, I can't make excuses for.  As of right now I have just over 4 weeks until the Tough Mudder event on Mt. Snow in VT.  I am so excited about making this an annual event!  Last year was my first race and it was such an incredible experience.  This year my team is so awesome and I cannot wait to kick that mountain's butt!!

I have decided to go back to a modified "real food" lifestyle from now until the event.  I am not looking for weight loss, but I really did like the mentality of better food choices.  I don't have a whole lot of will power when it comes to snacks, so I am better off if I say no from the start.  I will be training for the event in many different ways including cardio classes such a zumba, as well as rollerblading, running, and maybe even swimming, mixed in with strength training.  My sister and I are the only girls on the team, so we are getting ready to pull our own weight!! 

Zumba class tonight.  Can't wait, I haven't been in weeks!!