Monday, November 3, 2014

Two weeks in...

I am now two complete weeks into T25 and I feel GREAT!  The first week was a humbling reminder that even though I recently ran a half-marathon, Shaun T DOES NOT mess around haha

I struggled hard the first week but I kept pushing every day, and I have even done the "doubles" each week.

Week one was completed with no breaks, Monday - Friday with a double Friday consisting of lower focus and cardio... OUCH

Week 2 was Monday - Thursday as the schedule calls for, but then Friday was a long, late shift at work and the double session was pushed to Saturday morning!  Lower focus followed by ab intervals.  Best part was that Randy was doing P90X in the next room and when he finished his workout I persuaded him to come finish ab intervals with me :)

I am really happy that I have been sticking with the recommended calendar this time.  I think the impending New Year has me focused to stay on track with the timeline!  

Week 3 begins tonight!! :)

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