Friday, April 24, 2015

April 2015

It has been one hell of a year so far!

The snow finally melted and all is well on the road!  I got my first run in since January on March 31st and I have been going full steam ahead ever since :)

So far in April I have run just shy of 50 miles!  I hope to get to around 65, but I am not sure how that will work with taper week upon me.  Although, I have never really tapered, considering I don't put in the huge # of miles that the experts usually suggest.

I was thrilled with how quickly my body rebounded after being house bound for nearly 8 weeks!!  I kept up with other strength training including lots of T25 gamma.  I certainly think that helped.  The first few runs were so tough, and the cold was brutal in my lungs.  But I kept on and now I am running longer distances comfortably... assuming I don't run out of water or daylight ;) haha

My first race is coming up quickly and I am super excited to be participating in my first HM in over 6 months!

Wish me luck and Happy running! :)

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